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Slide 1 DISCOVER BUSINESS RISK Sicero Insurance Risk Management How many of the 123 different types of business risks has your company addressed? Slide 1 DESIGN STRATEGIC PLANNING Sincero Insurance Design management Given the ability, would you choose a strategic plan to manage your business risk or just settle for random results? Slide 1 IMPLEMENT RISK MANAGEMENT Sincero Warehouse Insurance Who is responsible for coordinating resources and timelines in the execution of your risk management plan? Slide 1 CONTINUE LOYALTY IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT Sincero Insurance Loyalty Loyalty is earned on a continual basis. Does your current risk management partnership deserve your loyalty?

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Risk Management Requires Leadership

Welcome To Sincero

Risk management, particularly loss control, begins at the top of any organization. If the head of company makes it a point to emphasize safety, compliance, and lawful and ethical behavior, the rest of the organization is more likely to follow suit.


Total Cost of Risk

At Sincero we take a very different approach to insurance placement. Before we consider which insurers and policies are appropriate for a business, we first address the elements of risk on which those policies will be predicated.


knowledge and experience

Total Cost of Risk is not the same as the aggregate of a company’s insurance premiums.

Loss Control And Insurance

Effective loss control

Reducing the number and size of losses—may impact both the availability and affordability of insurance. A business that is indifferent to loss control may have a higher than average number of insurance claims. A really poor loss history can make it difficult to find insurance. Conversely, businesses that actively manage risks, and thereby control losses, will have fewer claims and will often see those efforts rewarded with lower insurance premiums.

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